We combine technical training with real-life project work to create learning experiences that spark curiosity, talent and collaboration.
Our mentors speak your language.
Through iQuest University, we’ve been preparing talented IT professionals since 2003. Some of our experienced trainers and program mentors also started out as novice students enrolled in iQuest University, and they proudly continue this tradition of giving back.
iQuest University has become a framework for our colleagues to grow professionally as trainers and pass on their enthusiasm and expertise.
  • Remote Learning

    Remote learning

    Addressed to students and tech enthusiasts alike, it requires no previous experience, just basic knowledge of programming or software testing.

    Our mentors provide the reading material, give weekly assignments and meet with the participants once a week for Q&A, to discuss solutions and progress.

  • internship

    Summer Internship

    If you’re a tech student who can already work with the core concepts of the programming language and want to improve your code writing, this program is for you.

    You have the chance to develop an application from scratch, work in a team and learn from our mentors. They will guide you and let your ideas shine.

  • brasov_office

    Advanced Frameworks

    The program is all about practical learning and is designed for applicants in their final year of studies or who have completed a summer internship with us.

    You get to dive into coding even more and learn about the frameworks used in real-life projects. Plus, you experience what it’s like to be part of a project team, in all its realness: with problem-solving, coffee breaks and shared lessons.


Here are our available programs and their timeline for 2019.

No available programs