With technology investments accounting for the largest share of yearly spending, your IT is under constant pressure to align applications and systems with business strategies.

With 20+ years of experience in software development, iQuest is well equipped to accommodate the increasingly sophisticated needs of IT modernization. We leverage a broad technology expertise, agile delivery processes and highly skilled engineering teams.

We think and deliver end-to-end – meaning we are not only able to understand your business requirements, but also design, engineer, test and manage software solutions to ensure they run according to your specific needs.

Experience Design

iQuest adheres to the principles of Human-centered Design, harmonizing creativity, insight and engineering to create visual designs that generate truly engaging digital experiences. We design enterprise and client-facing applications, catering to your different needs through a consultative approach and a comprehensive range of creative skills.Our Experience Design services cover the full spectrum of the product design lifecycle, encompassed by our philosophy of making the most complex designs work in the real world.

Our Expertise

Our Design Process

  • Research & Intake

    Research & Intake

  • Insight & Analysis

    Insight & Analysis

  • Vision & Concept

    Vision & Concept

  • Testing  & Review

    Testing  & Review

Software Engineering

Software Engineering has been at the core of iQuest for over two decades. We build and deploy digital software solutions that go beyond the capabilities of out-of-the-box products to help you modernize and streamline your IT systems.

Our Expertise

Our Services

  • Technical Consulting

  • Core Engineering


  • Integration & Migration

    Integration & Migration

  • Software Configuration


Quality Engineering

We help you meet the demand for high-performance applications and stable systems, by finding ways to minimize production flaws and delivery delays. iQuest provides both integrated and stand-alone services, ensuring end-to-end quality engineering for your digital applications.

Through our Testing Factory approach you benefit from a tailored set of services that blend resource availability, flexibility, and scalability. An iQuest dedicated team is set up to handle and manage your specific requests and testing needs that can be easily scaled based on your unique requirements. This in turn ensures an optimal balance between quality of testing, meeting deadlines and reduced costs.

Our Expertise

Testing Factory Approach Benefits

  • Reduction in defect propagation from SIT to UAT and Go-Live

    Reduction in defect propagation from SIT to UAT and Go-Live

  • Repeatability and high level of test coverage

    Repeatability and high level of test coverage

  • Effective governance and tracking

    Effective governance and tracking

  • Cost saving through test automation

    Cost saving through
    test automation

Managed Services

With iQuest Managed Services you gain just that – the freedom to focus on operating your IT systems, while getting the most out of your technology investments. This is the result of our extensive experience in managing complex IT applications for clients who demand business continuity and the highest level of service reliability.

We oversee the full engagement throughout the entire application lifecycle and offer around-the-clock support following strict processes and policies, and adhering to Service Level Agreements. iQuest’s expertise comes as insurance to your company’s sustainability and builds a stable environment across all system levels.

Our Expertise

Your Benefits

  • Around the clock IT expertise availability

    Around the clock IT expertise availability

  • Unmatched customer support


  • Improved reliability and productivity

    Improved reliability and productivity

  • Improved visibility and monitoring of IT operations

    Improved visibility and monitoring of IT operations

Focus Industries

We are equipped to address the unique challenges of industries through a mix of deep industry know-how and delivery capability. We have a vast background in navigating the standards of highly regulated environments, and we are able to supply agile and scalable services to even the most complex IT projects.

  • Life Sciences
    Life Sciences

    We provide agile software engineering to even the most complex IT projects with over 15 years of experience in navigating the standards of highly regulated environments.

  • Energy & Utilities
    Energy & Utilities

    From Smart Home to Smart Grid, we bring digital services and solutions to the fast-moving European Energy market.

  • Telecom & Media

    Our industry expertise spans across B2B and B2C, from Communications Service Providers to Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Cable & Satellite operators.

  • Financial Services
    Financial Services

    We work with leading banks, insurers and investment companies to help them bring value to their customers and become top players on their markets.

Brands We Serve