From acquisition and conversion to support and self-service — customers are at the heart of your commercial operations.

Knowing this, we believe that Customer Engagement and Commerce is not only about what the customers see.It’s also about the constant evolution of the processes and infrastructure that underpin a consistently great brand experience.

iQuest works with well-known retailers, telco operators, railways, airlines, and healthcare providers to create digital customer experience and commerce solutions that fit the needs of company and customers in equal measure. Our industry expertise and high-value delivery services cover three main areas.


We design and engineer with consumers in mind, and focus on convenience.

This is how we help you build meaningful experiences across your network of digital and physical channels that are comprehensive, yet personalized enough, to meet customers' individual expectations.

Our Expertise

Your Benefits

  • Omni-channel customer engagement

    Omni-channel customer engagement

  • Personalized digital commerce experiences

    digital commerce experiences

  • Agility and faster time-to-market

    Agility and faster

  • New sales channels and revenue streams

    New sales channels and revenue streams


Whether it's SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, Services or Social Engagement, we ensure you benefit from a solid data backbone that gives you a 360-degree view of your customers at any given moment.

Our Expertise

Your Benefits

  • Insight into forecasts and pipeline

    Insight into forecasts and pipeline

  • Sales force automation

    Sales force automation

  • Sales performance management

    Sales performance management

  • Retail execution



We develop solutions that help access contextual insights on your customers' preferences and behavior by leveraging advanced analytics, and connecting your channels through purpose-built marketing tools.

Our Expertise

Your Benefits

  • Real-time customer insights

    Real-time customer insights

  • Increased conversion rates and loyalty

    Increased conversion rates and loyalty

  • Segmentation and campaign management

    Segmentation and campaign management

  • Planning and performance tracking

    Planning and performance tracking


No matter how different industries are, an engaging customer experience revolves around the same fundamental components of consistency, relevance, personalization, and context. We help clients across industries and countries to use these principles when building their digital presence and strategy. Our diverse clients range from rail operators and retailers in Europe, to telco providers in the Middle East, to low-cost carriers in Asia.



  •  Passenger Services
    Passenger Services

    iQRailway Commerce Platform 

    SAP Travel Accelerator

  • Retail

    Omnichannel Commerce 

    SAP Cloud for Sales & Service

  • Telecom

    B2B & B2C Commerce

    B2B & B2C eCare Portal

  • Life sciences
    Life sciences

    B2B & B2C Commerce

    B2B Self-Service Solutions