Engage with a community of technology professionals and find out about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in IT at our Keyboards & Mice event.

We feature speakers with industry expertise to share insights, useful case studies and daring ideas in an informal setting. The presentations are followed by interactive sessions where you get to contribute with your own thoughts and questions to an exciting evening of technology craftsmanship.

This event will make you want to get your hands off your keyboards and mice and join the conversation around your favorite tech topics.

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  • Time Session Speaker
  • 17.30 -18.00
    Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • 18.00 – 18.15
    Welcome speech
    Dan Tusaliu, General Manager Software Services, iQuest
  • 18.15 – 18.45
    Security Automation – Scanning Your Web Applications Regularly and Easily
    Dominik Schopper, Frontend Architect, Bisnode

    We will talk about Security Automation and more specifically, about our setup of automated web application scans for known vulnerabilities with a web scanning tool called “Zed Attack Proxy” (ZAP). Dominik will explain how it works in general and how we (or anybody) can use it to setup the exact same thing.

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  • 18.45 – 19.15
    Coffee break
  • 19.15 – 19.45
    Azure Functions, Adventures into Serverless
    Gabriel Barbu & Mihnea Ilicevici, Software Engineers, iQuest

    Join us on our excursions into the serverless world as we explore modern solutions to applications new and old.

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  • 19.45 – 20.15
    ASP.NET Core Takes over the IoT
    Daniel Costea, Owner of Apex Code

    Can you imagine a web application that reads sensors in real-time and makes machine learning predictions on an IoT device running on Linux? If you are thrilled about IoT and A.I., you will see what Microsoft brings to you as a developer.

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  • 20.15 – 20.45
    Coffee break
  • 20.45 – 22.00
    Interactive sessions
    1. Security Automation – Scanning Your Web Applications Regularly and Easily- Dominik Schopper, Frontend Architect, Bisnode
    2. ASP.NET Core takes over the IoT- Daniel Costea, Owner of Apex Code
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Guest speakers

Dan Tuşaliu
General Manager, Software Services Business Unit, iQuest

Dan Tuşaliu serves as General Manager of the Software Services Business Unit in iQuest. Within this unit, Dan is responsible for financial and delivery management and for organizing and maintaining the Account Management community.

Dominik Schopper
Frontend Architect, Bisnode

Since 2000, Domonik worked as a Team Leader, Web Developer, Consultant, Trainer, Administrator, all-rounder ... and now he is a Frontend Architect at Bisnode Deutschland GmbH, in the wide world of IT, but most of all, on the web and with Linux.

Gabriel Barbu
Software Engineer, iQuest

Gabriel is a passionate software engineer with 10+ years of experience in the programming field. He loves developing applications, regardless of the operating system or programming language.

Mihnea Ilicevici
Software Engineer, iQuest

With 10 years' experience in different IT fields, Mihnea has a background in game development, having been a game designer for 6 years. He considers code a means to an end and he has a great interest in technology that simplifies his life as a developer.

Daniel Costea
Owner of Apex Code

Daniel is enthusiastic about technology and knowledge sharing, so it is not surprising he is a trainer. With C#, it was love at first sight, but he also works with a series of technologies such as: ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Clean Code, IoT. He is a discipline manager and trainer at The Informal School of IT, and he is the owner of Apex Code, a small training solutions company, where he organizes and delivers training, workshops and boot camps.